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Our Experienced Staff

Each of the staff members at Warner-Wozniak Funeral Service is committed to providing your family with the finest in personal end-of-life care. In fact, for years, it’s been comforting for area families to know that we are available to help at any time of the day or night.

When a loved one dies, all you need to do is make one phone call. From that moment on, we’ll take on the responsibilities of the physical care of your loved one, and the emotional care of those left behind.

Please take a few minutes to get to know our funeral home staff. We’re sure you’ll find each of us to be all that you would hope for in a trusted funeral professional.

Brian J. Warner, Funeral Director - Executive Director - N.J. Lic# 4587
Email: warnerwozniakfs-2011@yahoo.com
Website: www.warnerandwozniak.com
Office Phone: 973-779-4664
Fax: 973-779-5757

Brian has been a licensed Funeral Director since 1993; beginning his career, at the Edwards-Dowdle Funeral Home in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Here he worked as a full time Funeral Director and Embalmer from 1991 to 2000, and has maintained a working relationship to this day.

In October of 2000, Brian left full time employment of the funeral business, so that he could devote time to the birth of his twin daughters'; which didn't quite work out the way he planned. He began working for Charabot and Co., Inc., a French owned, Raw Materials company. Within a few months, he had been through the ranks of the company; and ended up selling raw materials that are used in the fragrance and flavor industries. He spent the next five years, traveling the United States and around the world for the company. In 2005, Brian left the company after a partial corporate sale.

Ultimately, Brian, never really left the funeral business. His heart just was not in any other type of work. So in October of 2003, Brian decided to get his New Jersey license, so that he could broaden his field of service.

In October of 2003, Brian completed the necessary requirements for licensing in New Jersey and successfully passed his State Board Examination, and on November 13th, 2003, became licensed in New Jersey.

Brian is married to Deb Warner; and and is the proud father of  three children. Alexys, Barbara and Robert.

In April of 2009; Brian was re-acquainted with the Wozniak family; having met them years earlier. It was in 2009 that the Wozniak family, had reached a crossroad. After fifty plus years of being on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it was getting to be too much for the family. With Brian's assistance, both the Warner's and the Wozniak's have been able to come together to forge a new relationship.  Now, after two years of working closely together, the families have formed a formal relationship, and are turning over a majority of the daily responsibilities to Brian.

On February 17th, 2011 the Warner-Wozniak Funeral Service, will officially be launched. With Brian taking over the day to day activities and responsibilities of the Funeral Home, the Wozniak's will now have more time to travel and take advantage of some well deserved rest and relaxation.

1993 Licensed Funeral Director, NYS
1997 Graduate of The C. Mitchell Institute - Accredited reconstruction.
1997 CFSP - Certified Funeral Service Practitioner
1998 Just an all around good year.
2000 Proud Father of twin Daughters
2001 Board Member, United Hospice of Rockland
2003 Member of the Institue of Food Technologists
2004 Proud Father of Son
2006 Honored as 40 Under 40; Rockland County
2007 Chairman of the Board, United Hospice of Rockland
2009 Re-acquainted with the Wozniak Family
2011 Appointed Executive Director, and name partner of
                 "Warner-Wozniak Funeral Service"

Dolores Wozniak, Associate Funeral Director
Office Phone: 973-779-4664
Fax: 973-779-5757

Dolores also known as "Dolly" has been a licensed funeral director since 1954. Dolly assisted her father in developing the business and has maintained a working relationship with the family business ever since. Dolly has been manager of the Wozniak Home for Funerals since its inception. Dolly will continue to assist the new firm, not only as a funeral director but as a translator for those who speak Polish.