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Who do we serve?

Who do we serve?     EVERYONE!!!!

The most often question we are asked is; "Do you handle this type of funeral or service?"

Burial? Cremation? Burial at Sea? Green Burials? Cremation with Scattering? Home wake's?

The answer is YES!  Every funeral or service is PERSONALIZED, we are not a COOKIE CUTTER organization!

Warner-Wozniak Funeral Service, is a family owned funeral service provider. We serve families of all faiths, denominations, and families families who not require faith based services.

This limited listing is alphabetically constructed, and is not representative of any preference on our part:

Agnostics, Atheists, Baptists, Catholics, (Orthodox Catholics), Humanistic, Jewish, all Protestant denominations, Unification, Unitarian

For those of the Orthodox Jewish faith, or any Jewish person, who wants an Orthodox Burial, we work closely with the Zemach David Chevra Kadisha. This is an Orthodox Chevra, and all of our activities, regarding strict Halacha observance, are supervised by Rabbi Yaakov Bayer. Rabbi Bayer, is not a funeral director, but is a respected Rabbinical expert, in regards to Halacha burial requirements. Rabbi Bayer personally supervises every aspect of our Orthodox services. Rabbi Bayer, or one of the full time Chevra Supervisors, will attend removal of the deceased; arrange and supervise the Shomer; will arrange and supervise the Tahara, and burial. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, WILL THE CHEVRA BE AVAILABLE FOR SERVICES THAT END IN CREMATION. For those wishing to have an Orthodox Funeral Service at the Funeral Home, we are able to offer separate seating for men and women.